Oriented Soft's brewery app was named Best App Design

As a result of our IoT mobile app for breweries we developed and designed for BrewTech AS, we have been awarded the Best App Design Award by DesignRush. It is truly an honor and a real blessing to receive this award for our human-centric enterprise software that facilitates the growth of breweries in the digital age.
A meticulous collaboration between our R&D team and the client ended in a functional design resulting from detailed brainstorming. 

Announcing their Best Apps Design Awards, DesignRush cites the application's potential impact on the beer brewing market as one of the app's reasons for winning. 

This IoT project combines an innovative brewing system with an intuitive, easy-to-use application that controls the whole brewing process and makes it as easy as possible. We are passionate about spreading the word and encouraging more people to get involved with beer brewing. 
IoT application from Oriented Soft | Best App Design Award

Make Beer Production Streamlined

Along with designing the brewing machine prototype, our team also contributed to creating software and hardware. Our software enables brewers to transform the very traditional, long-established industry of beer brewing by embracing cutting-edge technology expertise.

IoT hardware and mobile application for breweries
These are the features that make this app unique:

  • With Bluetooth and WiFi, you can connect quickly and easily to brewers
  • A detailed description of every recipe (in manual and automatic modes)
  • The ability to create your own recipes
  • Managing all brewing machines from a single location
  • An easy-to-understand brew setup screen that explains all the steps
IoT project for controlling the whole brewing process
BrewTech's usability is intuitive and simple. The app's tools and menus make the app easy to use despite its complexity and variety of functions. An attractive design complements its convenient UI with vivid colors and white text in a dark mode.

With the help of UI/UX design, simplify the complex brewing process

Oriented Soft developed this app with the purpose of creating an intuitive user experience that can be used at any stage in creating or recreating a custom beer.

The BrewTech app design includes explanatory screens that provide step-by-step directions on how to accomplish each brewing task.
UX/UI design for IoT application
In addition to helping new users adjust to the app, it also allows them to control their machines from one location.

With the help of UI/UX design, simplify the complex brewing process

Moreover, over 500 clients in Europe are now pleased with this app, and a new market in North America is being opened up to new AI-based features that will be used in future projects.

Supply chains and production processes can be greatly improved with digital tools, directly affecting cost management and product quality. Making beer is both an art form and a science, which makes it a natural candidate for harnessing the benefits of cutting-edge technology like the Internet of Things.
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