An AI-powered Platform

for Property Management

Real Estate
DataOps, AR/VR, IoT,
Artificial Intelligence /MLOps
Web development, DevOps
Web design, Dedicated team
The solution provides real estate owners with a workhorse that tirelessly governs the entire portfolio and constantly finds new ways of reducing cost, increasing operational efficiency, and improving customer satisfaction.
Autility is a PropTech startup with international growth ambitions, aiming to modernize real estate through AI.
Business Needs
The Client had an idea to create the next-gen digital platform for the real estate industry powered by AI algorithms to run buildings autonomously.
Customers-oriented apps should optimize property & facility managers’ and tenants’ day-to-day operations and support decision-making for private and public property owners. The solution needs to provide real-time data and information gathered from all data sources in one place.
Our solutions
Our task was to design and develop customers oriented web applications using state-of-the-art technology - IoT, AR/VR, 3D scanning, computer vision, simulation, Digital Twins.
Oriented Soft team has been, and is, an integrated part of the client's company, and as such has been a part of everything from defining and implementing a roadmap, development architecture, project management, system architecture and infrastructure, and much more.
In terms of results, our team has helped the client build an MVP released to market that has been widely accepted as a valuable, novel, and innovative. And we continue to expand and continue developing further functionality that both consists of simple tasks that the team has done before, but also incredibly complex tasks that no one else in the market has even solved.
Access to monitor key metrics for buildings
3d models of buildings
Mobile application for Autility
Key features
Automation framework for self-service customer automation based on event triggers
Real-time data streaming and processing
Call rooms booking
Temperature configuration and tracking system for maintenance
Landlord and tenant chat
3d models of buildings
Virtual room decoration for tenants needs
Business Impact
Easy access, control, and manage the properties and their operations in one place
Streamlined real estate stakeholders’ day-to-day operations
Increasing revenue by providing the tenants the best possible experience
Providing users with live information about their assets in real-time
Access to monitor key metrics for buildings, and detect abnormalities
Smart digital property management winner
Technology stack
Senior Python Developer
(5 persons)
Python Architect
UI/UX Designer
DevOps (2 persons)
Business analyst
Project manager
Angular developer (3 persons)
Client’s reviews
Oriented Soft team has been a core part of developing the company as a whole and has been instrumental in getting the company “on the air”.

The team was built exactly as if they were direct employees, participating in both planning and execution phases. Everyone has done an excellent job in each of their regard and areas. They actively build upon each other's experience and knowledge, and further support development even in areas a lot of them weren’t necessarily familiar with from before.
The strongest point of Oriented Soft as a company (besides putting together a fantastic team) has been the flexibility of gradually helping us find new, motivated, and competent people as we continue to grow.

I absolutely recommend them!
Andre Keane
CTO at Autility
We are proud
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Founder/CEO at Oriented Soft
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