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for largest Norwegian-owned pest control company

CRM development
Nokas Skadedyrkontroll AS
Custom software development
API development
Web design
Specialized in claims caused by pests and customers are primarily insurance companies, but also help the state, municipalities, companies, housing associations and private individuals with small and large pest problems.
Nokas Skadedyrkontroll AS is Norway's largest pest control company.
Business Needs
The client’s team reached out to us, asking to develop a WMS (Work Management System) platform for business and marketing processes automation. The primary object was to combine the comprehensiveness of the web app and the transparency of the work processes.
So these are the goals we had:
and clear UI
The multiplicity
of user roles
administration dashboard
Opportunity to
build functional
to 3rd party APIs
Thanks to the extensive experience in CRM and API development our dedicated team had a deep understanding of how web application security for sensitive data and transparency of complex business processes should be achieved.
Following the agile methodology Oriented Soft rapidly defined and developed ready-to-use CRM/WMS built from scratch.
Core functions:
User module (roles/members/teams/offices)
Interactive dashboard
Partners module (include connection to insurance companies APIs)
Products management module
Cases management (include integration to Power Office)
Business Impact
Optimized resources planning process
Improved communication between team members
A decrease of “paperwork”
Automation of routine processes
Technology stack
Google Cloud Platform
As a cloud based solutions for server infrastructure
Front-end Developers
Back-end Developers
UI/UX Designer
QA engineers
Business analyst
Project manager/
Business analyst
Client’s reviews
The work culture of Oriented Soft is extremely impressive and their team is completely devoted towards this project and consists of professional experts who works on all the reliable technologies. They were a highly efficient team to work with and also strong communicators. Oriented Soft team showed confidence in understanding of web application security for sensitive data and API developing the way it was expected. I would definitely look to use them again in the future.
Emil Blom Onshuus
CEO at Nokas Skadedyrkontroll AS
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