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Real Estate
Web development, QA,
Mobile application development
UX/UI design, c
ROOMR is the first rental cross-platform app in Norway. It’s designed to simplify and automate the entire rental process for both the landlord and tenant, mainly through a mobile app.
ROOMR was founded by entrepreneurs with financial and rent backgrounds to provide a comprehensive solution for both landlords and tenants, covering everything they need to manage the rental. The vision was to make renting easy for everyone.
Business Needs
ROOMR is the first rental cross-platform app in Norway. It’s designed to simplify and automate the entire rental process for both the landlord and tenant, mainly through a mobile app.
The Client decided in advance that the service should be adapted for everyone. This is why we should have focused a lot on the mobile solution. To meet the needs of large renters, we'll also need to develop a cloud-based management system that syncs with the mobile solution. This means that ROOMR will be accessible from all digital devices - no matter where you are.
Whatever landlords and property seekers need to do — get in touch with each other, draft contracts, manage payments — it takes only a few clicks. All-in-one platform designed for smooth landlord-tenant interaction has to include automated financing, accounting and contracting solutions, electricity, broadband, insurance, and a standalone service for small jobs.
Our solutions
We made a sleek and aesthetically pleasing app from scratch
Smooth and stress-free communication between landlords and tenants
Simple as that: pick room, pack bags
The entire app design workflow involved designing, prototyping, drafting the user journey map, testing, UX, and UI
User Interface
Our team designed more than 170+ screens for mobile UI, 70+ screens for web along with visual elements​​​​​​​
More than 170+ screens designs for all states of the app
We also created eye-catching illustration characters, backgrounds, motion design, animations combined with clever use of space.
This helped create an intuitive, responsive and flawless in-app experience
Traits of character: He is calm and relaxed. After years of exhausting work life, he finally enjoys and harvests all perks of being a pensioner, trying to enjoy every single moment of his life. Reidulf is modern and smart. Since it is not necessary to be tech-savvy to use an intuitively designed Roomr app, Rudolf doesn’t find rental-related stuff tiresome.
Biography: He dedicated all his life to the real estate business. As of now, Rudolf owns 4 apartments in the downtown area of Bergen that he rents at reasonable prices. Now he takes every opportunity to make up for the time he could have spent with this family. This is where the Roomr app comes very handy.
Reidulf, 63
Business Impact
Automation of financing, accounting and contracting
EU countries expansion
Partners (PWC, VIS, Innovation Norway and BN Bank among them)
Technology stack
Android/Kotlin and iOS developer
Angular Developer
Marketing managers
Business analyst
UI/UX Designer
Project manager
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