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Smart Factory, IoT, Food production
BeerBrew Technology is a company that designs, manufactures, and sells beer brewing equipment for home brewers and microbreweries.
Founded by entrepreneurs with brewing backgrounds from Norway, the company strived to unite powerful technology controlled by Apps, to craft a beautifully designed brewing machine. It should be easy to use for home brewers and microbreweries, and there should be several modes available: manual and automatic (based on famous beer recipes).
Business Needs

The idea behind this project is to develop an intuitive, easy to use, application for controlling the whole brewing process and making it as simple as possible. The brewer uses the app to create or recreate outstanding beer. Everything is logged in the application for control and follow-up.
With the help of this system, it will be easier to observe and control the whole process, plan and choose recipes in regards to style, alcohol strength (ABV), bitterness (IBU), and colour (EBC).

The client came to us with many amazing ideas and very little understanding of how to convert them technically into an application.
The challenge was figuring out how to integrate a wide variety of functions, metrics, and features into the application and still keep it simple enough for inexperienced or first time brewers. After studying and analysing competitors, learning what the market was already offering and what was lacking, we dived into the brainstorming phase.
The R&D team came up with a better structured and more appreciable software and hardware development idea. According to it, the brewery machine prototype was manufactured and connected with Rasberry PI Zero W via secured WiFi and BLE channel with autoswitching for better connection.
Key Features
You can control all the machines from one place with alerts before finishing each step, giving the user enough time to prepare for the next one, which can be set up by the user himself.
fast and easy connection to brew machines via Bluetooth and WiFi
detailed recipes and descriptions (manual and automatic mode)
possibility to make your own recipes
easy set up, understandable brew setup screen with a description of all steps
This app gives the user total control of the beer brewing process. You can connect to brew machines using Bluetooth or WiFi. As such, there is no need to stay near the equipment all the time.
The main features of this app are:
possibility to control all brewing machines from one place
Business impact
More than 500 satisfied clients in the EU
Developing new features with AI and big data implementation
Entering new markets in North America
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