Hardware, Mobile application
Smart Home, Security
Touchcom was founded by a team of security technology specialists who saw an urgent need to provide the market with a convenient, flexible, safe, and design-driven building access control and visitor system that could replace all previous solutions. Norwegian entrepreneurs believed that they could assemble call systems, various card readers, cameras and security systems into an attractive and functional unit - and we helped them do it! They also have a plan to connect the fire alarm system to an intercom.
Business Needs
Oriented Soft provided a team of specialists to lead a full cycle of hardware and software design and development tasks for smart intercom systems. The main challenge was to offer a much better user experience by interacting across all types of phones with intercom tablets installed on the building entrance.

Smart intercom panels based on the Asus Tinker Board were manufactured and installed on more than 40 locations and connected to Cloud based servers via secured channels. Under the hood were a lot of technologies to establish audio/video communication (such as SIP providers) and to remotely control and manage settings on the intercom panels.
This solution consisted of a system with a touchscreen panel unit and an application for iOS and Android for remote access and control.
As for our software and hardware development process, the Oriented Soft R&D team started with a touchscreen panel with a 13 inch screen that is suitable for all building types.
Two mobile apps which interact through the internet with an intercom tablet installed on building entrances were developed for easy entrance door control. Then, we added the ability to have a video call with any apartment owner and a function to remotely open the door from a mobile app. The client was amazed with the solution and started working on future development.
Key Features
Ability to call to all phones and tablets
Access control integration
Technical alarms and warnings
Fire alarm and evacuation systems
Easy administration via app and internet
Visitor access control through video call
Business impact
800+ customers
Intercom panels installed on 50+ buildings
Combination of the best security technology and physical security across all data channels
Integration with existing building security systems
Expansion of the application from condominiums and apartments to hospitals, business centers, and high-security buildings
Client’s reviews
With a team of software engineers, ORIENTED SOFT delivered an IoT application and hardware solution successfully and on time. They met the challenging deadlines and delivered efficiently. They lived up to my highest expectations, and I can highly recommend them as a partner for all kinds of projects.
Pal Gerhardsen
Managing director at Touchcom
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