8 Beneficial Examples of Python Applications

You might be an agency developing Python applications or a business in search of reliable Python software development services — or you might need to hire Python developers to quickly scale up your team and tackle the next development roadblock. Whatever the case, it is beneficial to keep your hand on the pulse and be well aware of how Python is used in software development and what industries can benefit from Python app development.
This article showcases eight real-life business uses of Python in various industries and explains the advantages of Python software development from the viewpoint of Oriented Soft, an experienced Python development company.
Python remains the most popular programming language in 2020-21
Python remains the tool of choice for a wide range of tasks, from Big Data analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning all the way to game development, software development, eLearning development, and IoT. Google and NASA, Dropbox, Netflix, and Spotify are just a few among global brands using Python to run their offerings. Based on data from GitHub, StackOverflow, Google Trends, and other sources, Python remained the most popular programming language in 2020-2021.
Python programming language popularity
Research from StackOverflow states that the majority of developers prefer Python. As a flexible, high-level, and all-around usable programming language, Python works excellent for solving various classes of problems and can easily fit project requirements for most types of software development projects. Besides, due to this popularity, it is elementary to quickly scale your team up with the help of a reliablePython development company.

Let's delve deeper into the benefits of Python software development for multiple industries.
Modern Python applications across eight industries
You must already anticipate some of the points of our list, but we are sure we will point out several new benefits of Python app development for you.
Web and Software Development

Since Python uses server-side scripting, it requires no client-side browser scripting and plugins, increases loading times, and ensures better overall website performance. It is crucial in many spheres where slowly responding websites can be a reason for abandoning the deal and going for a competitor — travel, fintech, healthcare, finance, transportation, and many others.

Security is of even greater importance than the loading speed, and Python doesn't fail here. Server-side scripting is much more secure than client-side website operations, which is one reason why banking institutions and government agencies so widely use Python.

Python offers a variety of frameworks for dealing with any web development challenges: Django, Flask, Tornado, Pyramid, etc.
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning using Python
Python is the primary choice among AI/ML specialists. The simplicity of code structure, consistency across versions, independence across platforms, availability of multiple valuable libraries, and other factors contribute to Python’s backbone of AI development. Python has it all, from data analysis to results visualization, from ML model training to the complex event processing system and neural networks.

The most popular Python libraries for AI and ML development include SciPy (complex scientific calculations), Pandas (generally used for data analytics), NumPy (rapid scientific computations and data analytics), Seaborn for visualizing the data analysis results, etc. The most important framework group includes Keras, Scikit-learn, and Tensorflow, which are used in building tools for text recognition, deep learning, speech recognition, financial forecasts, etc.
Internet of Things (IoT) using Python projects
Python is an excellent choice of language for writing code for smart sensors, backend systems, embedded devices, microcontrollers, and much more. From smartphones to industrial robots run on software written with tools like Zenyth, EmbeddedPython, MicroPython, and PyMIte. While most developers use Python to develop prototypes and later rewrite certain code parts in Java or C++, many systems run exclusively on Python without issues.
Business Applications

While enterprise-grade software like ERP systems or eCommerce platforms is traditionally written in Java, .NET, or PHP, many customized systems run in Python. It is due to its seamless integration with the languages mentioned above, which ensures the resulting product's readability, scalability, and extensibility. Python frameworks provide all the needed features to simplify Python app development for businesses, from database interaction to content management.
Investment bankers and hedge funds were among several prominent market players that made their bet on Python as the primary language for fintech software development, as this language ensures several particular demands:
  • risk management and trade management platforms development;
  • quantitative rate problem solving;
  • streamlining data analytics, compliance, and other regulatory needs with specific Python libraries;
  • empowering their digital transformation initiatives — mining vast amounts of digital data on customers and prospects to transform it into actionable insights for cross-selling capabilities.
Data analytics and data visualization
Python is easy to learn and provides comprehensive data collection, management, and visualization of results. Automation of repetitive resource-costly data handling tasks with Python scripts helps reliably make them repeatable and traceable. Python comes with various graphing libraries, enabling you to create graphs for any data visualization needs, from simple to interactive plots.
Desktop GUIs Development (Graphical User Interface)
Since Python has an easily readable syntax and modular programming approach, it can easily create feature-rich GUIs. Graphical User Interface must include various drop-down menus, buttons, and icons. It helps users interact with their devices better; mobile applications aside, some games were entirely (Mount & Blade) or partially written in Python.
Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
OCR is another excellent example of Python applications to extract texts from various sources like IDs, invoices, receipts, tickets, car number photos, etc. It allows for numerous applications in multiple tools:
  • ticket counters
  • customer verification capabilities
  • check-in automation
  • traceable freight management across the supply chain
  • security and storage data, etc.

Wrapping up these eight examples of Python applications in real-world industries, we can now answer a couple of questions. Is Python good for software development? Definitely. Where to find excellent and affordable Python developers? Short answer — offshore. Long answer — it depends on your organization's business objectives, budget, and time frames.

Python Developers Salary in the USA and worldwide
As Python development grows in popularity, the demand for Python developers is continuously rising. Here is an average Python developer's salary in the US and globally.
Python Developers Salary
Many companies outsource or nearshore their development needs, as this saves quite a fortune on even the senior Python developer salary compared to hiring in the US. Ukraine is among the most popular outsourcing destinations, ensuring you get the most value for your money without compromising the resulting product quality. With Oriented Soft, you get Norwegian high standards, dedication to quality and regulatory compliance, and the Ukrainian affordability of tech talent.
Oriented Soft’s Python Applications Cases
Autility — the AI-powered property management platform
Autility helps real estate owners run their properties autonomously. It was designed using state-of-the-art tools and boasts AR/VR, IoT, 3D scanning, simulation, Digital Twins, and computer vision.
Brewtech — IoT hardware and mobile app for breweries
A combination of embedded IoT hardware and an intuitive mobile app ensures easy-to-use management of the whole brewing process. From choosing recipes to controlling every step of the way, Python applications developed by Oriented Soft help businesses manage their beer brewing operations.
Smart intercom system
One of Oriented Soft's customers wanted to assemble various card readers, cameras, and call systems into a functional and intuitive platform. We provided a team of Python developers and other specialists to handle the entire SDLC, from design to the release of a smart intercom system.
Online price guarantee platform
A customer wanted to help people benefit from price match guarantees. He needed to combine Optical Character Recognition with AI and ML capabilities to build an automated claiming system that allows customers to get refunds if the product prices mismatch.
Get Started with Python Development Now!
As you can see, Python software development helps handle all requirements of a vast range of real-world applications. Due to being easy-to-learn and highly flexible, Python app development is suitable for all kinds of tasks, from MVP development to enterprise-grade software delivery and management.

If you aim to hire Python developers, Oriented Soft stands ready to help. Just send us your project requirements, and we will quickly compose the needed team from our pool of pre-vetted specialists. With us, you will bridge the skill gap within a couple of weeks and reach your business objectives on time and under budget. Contact us for a free consultation!
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