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Expand your development capabilities with a dedicated team!

When you outsource some aspects of your software delivery process to a dedicated team, you gain instant access to a group of talented individuals who completely integrate into your workflows and dedicate their full effort to your project while remaining self-managed.
This option is the best choice when you need to expand your main development team quickly while ensuring high-quality results and avoiding all the hurdles of recruitment.
Correct allocation of team resources
Staff development and motivation
What we offer
Best practices in HR and delivery processes
Relevant Learning & Development programs
Complete product ownership and backlog management
Full System Development Life Cycle strategy with product roadmap and priorities
What you get from a dedicated team
Ownership over acceptance criteria and process

Timely staff replacement and knowledge continuity
Back office operations and IT infrastructure management
Feedback and review framework
Quality control and delivery management
Technology stack
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What is a Dedicated Project Team Structure?
Front-end Developers
Back-end Developers
UI/UX Designer
QA engineers
Business analyst
If you go for the dedicated software team route, you acquire an autonomous unit of IT engineers handling some aspects of your project. Thus, such a team should be able to handle any process end-to-end to meet their obligations, deliver the expected outcomes, and ensure high-quality deliverables. The roles needed to ensure a successful project conclusion are as follows:
Project manager
The Process: Setting up a Dedicated Software Development Team
We gather all the project needs to identify the resources you will need to hire as a dedicated software development team.
Project Requirements Analysis
Every business relationship starts with a detailed discussion of the objectives of your project. Oriented Soft helps form a list of required software features, functions, and deadlines for each deliverable. You define the ways the product should bring value to the customers and how it should interact with existing business processes at your company, as well as the list of project stakeholders. This way, we ensure management transparency and define the scope of the future project.

Scope of Work Discussion
Our HR & Recruitment department prepares a list of candidates fitting for your project requirements, including our specialists and job market possibilities. We form a team of IT engineers capable of addressing all the project tasks as a self-managing business unit. We provide a trial period for every developer and replace them should you have concerns regarding the quality of their work.
Team Formation
Oriented Soft uses years of project management expertise to seamlessly integrate newly-built teams into your project workflow, ensuring they use the task management, communication, and reporting tools your team prefers. The entire process takes less than a month to complete

Team Integration
When you hire a software development team in Ukraine, you get a self-sufficient business unit capable of delivering the expected results, just like your in-house team. The key difference is that Orient Soft handles the team recruitment and management tasks which are done by EU-based specialists from Norway.
Orient Soft handles all the aspects of kickstarting a dedicated software development team:
The Result
Case Studies
More Services
Tackle short-term resource constraints, budgetary pressures, and headcount requirements. Augment your internal team with the best talents that perform externally to fill specific skills and expertise gaps in your company. Stay in full control in each step of the project, delivery and quality of the product. Tell us what you want to create and we give you all the tools and talent to materialize your desires.

IT Staff Augmentation

You get end-to-end solutions for your project needs. We cover all project phases, from idea discovery and prototype design to releasing market-ready web products and mobile apps. Oriented Soft takes care of all the management tasks, while you control the performance and check the KPIs to ensure successful project completion.

Software Development Outsourcing
What is staff augmentation?
Recruitment accounts for the largest part of uncertainty when working with a dedicated team. While talent from the outsourcing company’s bench can start working in 1-2 days, hiring a team from the job market might take up to 5 weeks. The key factors that influence the recruitment process are the required specialist’s seniority, technology stack, and software expertise, key project deadlines, and overall business goals.
What factors affect my project costs
Once the resources are hired, they usually work for a flat price paid monthly. Other factors affecting the project budget are listed below:
  • Licensing and other technical expenses stemming out of the chosen tech stack
  • Product scope and complexity of features required
  • The number of people needed to hire for the dedicated team and their seniority
  • Project deadlines and urgency
How to Hire a Dedicated Development Team
The first step is to search for a reliable IT outsourcing company, capable of delivering the results you need. Compare the list of offered services, the technology stacks available, and company reviews on various rating platforms. Also, schedule an intro meeting to learn more about their expertise and check their portfolio.

The cooperation starts with defining the scope of work and the contract terms. Once these are determined, the company you choose is ready to form the team you need based on the requirements you outline. Orient Soft starts by analyzing project requirements and suggesting the appropriate technology stack to implement them.

We conduct all of the screening and technical interviews and shortlist the candidates that fit all the requirements, so you can select the best talent and form a team that will handle all the required aspects of your project. Should the need arise, you can easily scale the team up and down on a month's notice.
Benefits of hiring dedicated developers
Ready-formed teams of self-sufficient professionals bring their know-how expertise and solutions to help accomplish your project. This is especially useful for projects with tight deadlines, as dedicated developers quickly implement exactly the solutions you need, so you don’t suffer from wrong decisions that require costly rework in the future. 

More so, such a plethora of knowledge allows you to analyze the challenges your project faces from another point of view and often helps overcome the barriers that seemed impassable before. In our experience, some projects were moving completely off track without their teams knowing it.
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