IT Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation that drives value

Oriented Soft provides IT staff augmentation services of any scale, from prototyping to end-to-end development of mobile apps, web services, along with testing and systems management.
Empower your IT staff with an extended team to achieve project goals faster!

Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation Services from Oriented Soft:

Focus less on back-office and recruitment, focus more on delivery
We have a pool of pre-vetted IT talent able to bring in expertise in any domain. You get the best specialists that deliver value wherever you need it.
Empower your IT operations with critical skill sets
We take care of sourcing, interviewing, testing, and shortlisting the best-fit candidates, so you only need to interview a few and form a team. We handle office management, infrastructure, remuneration, and benefits, so your team concentrates on value delivery, not back-office operations.
Benefit from team flexibility and scalability
Scale the team up and down quickly to leverage the market situation and exploit growth opportunities. Staff augmentation allows you to use a team with in-depth experience in delivering both large-scale and small projects to achieve your business goals and deliver the results on time.
IT staff outsourcing allows you to get three skilled software developers in Ukraine for the cost of one average developer in the US. You save on equipment, software licensing, and salaries so you can invest these funds into growing your market presence.
Get more resources for a reasonable price
Work with the best-in-class
Select the best fit amongst the software engineers who scored top for logical/mathematical reasoning, technical ability, and soft skills. Form the cohesive team that will deliver the results you need.
While staff augmentation is outsourcing at its core, you retain full control over the team composition. Adjust the team based on the project needs while ensuring successful project delivery.
Keep full control
Technology stack
How We Work
We have several strategic sessions with your stakeholders to define project requirements and user stories for the future product. This results in approximate estimates and a Scope of Work for your project.
Research & Discovery Phase
By defining the functionality needed, we can select the most appropriate tech stack for the job, define the deadlines, and form a roadmap with a precise budget.
Skill Set Assessment & Proposal
We do the sourcing for suitable candidates among our company talent pool and the job market. We interview, test, and shortlist the candidates, so you can select the best of them and the project delivery can start.

We perform the full SDLC (designing, prototyping, writing the code, testing it, and releasing new features) while keeping you in the loop and implementing your feedback.
Product Development Start
We provide 24/7 post-release support to solve any issues that may arise
Maintenance and Support
Free Trial Period
You get a free month to try out the team and substitute the talents if need be.
What is staff augmentation?
IT staff augmentation is a form of outsourcing when the client extends their in-house team with experts needed at this project stage. This helps save time and resources on recruitment and idling. 
Types of IT staff augmentation contracts 
There are 4 possible models of IT staffing contracts: full project scope employment; on-demand staffing and consulting at certain phases; gig staffing for one-time jobs like UI/UX design; short-time tasks for fixing some issues on the go. This flexibility allows you to allocate resources optimally and pay only for the services you received.
Staff Augmentation vs Managed Services
IT staff augmentation is the best solution for relatively short-term contracts with limited budgets. We provide the talent and tools to get the job done quickly and you don’t have to pay for idle time.

Managed services (IT outsourcing), on the other hand, are best used for long-term engagements, like running your project’s infrastructure or cybersecurity. This way, you transfer the whole process management and problem solution to the tech partner.
What benefits will I get by choosing developer outstaffing?
When outstaffing, you pay the talents you hire only for the time worked, plus a small managerial fee. It covers the recruitment and back-office costs, as well as taxes, insurance, and other benefits for your outstaffed employees. This approach allows saving up to 40% annually in comparison with hiring in-house staff.
How fast can you find a developer?
In general, it takes around 2-3 weeks to select the most fitting candidate for your project, based on the current state of the job market. 

What if we are not satisfied with the quality of work of certain employees?
You have a month to try out how your team works, and we can replace any talent for free per your request.

Does your agreement comply with international standards?
We offer our clients a familiarization model for outstaffing cooperation in advance. We are registered in Norway and comply with the EU law requirements.
More Services
You get all the tools and communication channels to manage your dedicated team just like the in-house one. We typically provide a PM, Team Lead and developers, UI/UX designer, QA engineers, and any other roles required to deliver the expected results. The team works in close cooperation with your Product Owner to keep you informed of the project progress, while we handle the back-office tasks and delivery management.
Dedicated Teams
You get end-to-end solutions for your project needs. We cover all project phases, from idea discovery and prototype design to releasing market-ready web products and mobile apps. Oriented Soft takes care of all the management tasks, while you control the performance and check the KPIs to ensure successful project completion.

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