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Provide value to your target audience with eye-catching, intuitive, and secure apps!

With mobile application development, you ensure your product or service can be at the fingertips of your customers. But to stand out from the crowd and be used, it has to look nice, work fast, integrate with other tools, and ensure data security.
This is where reliable mobile application development services come in handy!

Mobile App Development Services from Oriented Soft

We provide iOS and Android application development services to deliver the best possible user experience to your customers. We build iOS apps in Swift and Objective-C and provide Android app development services in Java and Kotlin.

Native App Development

As users transition from web to mobile, businesses look for custom mobile application development to create mobile versions of their web or desktop apps. Oriented Soft fields team of experienced iOS and Android app developers and designers that will help you create stylish and performant apps for your users.

Cross-Platform Development

Leverage the benefits of a common React.js codebase to provide a near-native user experience for your users while reducing time-to-market for your products.
To be both nice to look at and easy to use, your mobile apps must have a large touch area, little content clutter, transparent navigation, and more. Oriented Soft uses our ample expertise with custom mobile application development to ensure your apps look amazing and work well.

Mobile UX/UI Design

API Integrations

Complement your app through integrations with multiple third-party products and services to increase its value for your users. Our application software developers can enable in-app payments, geolocation, social media integration, and much, much more to empower your app’s usefulness.
From mobile controls for IoT devices to smart mobile applications for connected systems, Oriented Soft provides in-depth IoT mobile application development services,

Internet of Things

Technology stack


Our Mobile Application Development Process

When working with a reliable application development service provider, you get predictably successful results. With a proactive approach and Agile process, we ensure the development goes according to the roadmap and remains under budget. So you'll receive a working product according to schedule.

Consulting & Strategy

We combine our expertise with the latest UI/UX technologies to design visually appealing and functionally perfect mobile applications that will reflect your brand’s values and support your company in reaching the business objectives set.

Design and UX

We follow the iterative approach of Agile software delivery best practices to enrich your digital products’ functionality rapidly. This way, you roll out new versions rapidly, deliver value to your customers, quickly incorporate feedback, and improve your application while staying within reasonable time frames and budget.

Engineering & Delivery

Oriented Soft conducts meticulous QA during the software delivery cycle to ensure our mobile application developers meet your project requirements and prevents issues from occurring. We carefully integrate new products and features into your existing digital ecosystem to optimize their performance and value output.

QA and Optimization

When working with a reliable application development service provider, you get predictably successful results. With a proactive approach and Agile process, we ensure the development goes according to the roadmap and remains under budget. So you'll receive a working product according to schedule.
Case Studies
Cooperation Models for Mobile App Development Services

IT Staff Augmentation

We can help you quickly bridge the skill gaps and augment your existing team with remote specialists who will help handle any project roadblocks and see the project completed successfully.

Dedicated Teams

A dedicated team of mobile app developers and designers from Oriented Soft can handle any aspect of your project at any stage — from ideation to post-release support and improvement.

Software Development Outsourcing

Use Oriented Soft’s mobile application development services to ensure you spend minimal time and money while avoiding costly errors and delivering value to your target audience.
What is better to build first: an android or an IOS application?
As Android apps are written in Java and Kotlin, which are more complex than Swift or Objective-C, it is faster, cheaper, and easier to develop an iOS app. However, the choice depends on your app’s niche, target audience, and preferred monetization model. 
Should I choose a hybrid or native mobile app development?
Should you go native, you will need to develop and support 2 different codebases. Should you opt for cross-platform development, one team will be able to reuse up to 90% of a shared codebase and render it to each platform separately.
What are the benefits of cross-platform mobile applications development?
Costs reduction left aside, the benefits are speed of delivery and new feature implementation, as well as lower battery usage for the users compared to native apps.
What is the time taken to build an app?
It depends on the number of features and integrations your app will need. MVP development for a simple person locator app based on Google maps can take as little as one month, but building a crypto-trading platform and adding new currencies to it can take more than 6 months 
How to manage mobile application development services?
You can have a project manager on your side or entrust this responsibility to your application development service provider. Either way, a cohesive team with established processes will deliver the project according to the roadmap. 
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