MVP Development Services

Ensure your MVP is built on time, under budget, and is a market-fit.

A solid MVP boasts a range of features sufficient to deliver value to users and is still cheap and fast to build. Using MVP, you gather feedback and can decide how to apply it to ensure your product stands out from the competition.
This is why building your minimum viable software with a reliable MVP development company is crucial. Oriented Soft is such a company and we can ensure your MVP development process will be rapid and predictable.This is where reliable mobile application development services come in handy!

MVP Development Services at Oriented Soft

This discovery stage helps you validate your product idea against key possible challenges, choose the most needed features and select the best product architecture and technology stack to overcome any problems. This accelerates time to market and enables forming a budget.
Time and effort estimate
Detailed scope of the project
Technology stack choosing
Project requirements and feature prioritization
Technology and business analysis

Consulting and Business Analysis

2 weeks – 1 month
1 - 3 weeks

Prototyping and MVP Design

Complete requirements specification
Software architecture validation
Wireframing and UI design
UX dynamic prototyping with minimum functionality.
Demonstrate the future product workflow and user journey to stakeholders using dynamic prototypes. Incorporate their feedback early and add/remove features as needed to form the best possible product design and ensure optimal user experience.
2-6 months

MVP Project Development

Front-end development
Back-end development
Testing and reporting
Ready software solution delivery
Preparation of developer documentation
Iteratively test your business ideas with real-life users. Follow user feedback to adapt your product vision to meet their expectations be
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MVP Development Process

During the Discovery phase, we conduct a detailed business analysis of your project requirements and gather insights to choose the must-have features to include in the MVP development scope.


Oriented Soft has ample experience in designing slick, responsive, and elegant UI elements to enable your stakeholders to test-drive the future user experience with your MVP product thoroughly.


Due to being an experienced MVP development company, we write code quickly and ensure high quality of deliverables to meet your project requirements.


We roll out your MVP to a pilot group and gather real user feedback to ensure the product is a market fit. Then we release it to the general audience and support it further if needed.


Case Studies
Cooperation Models for MVP Development Services

IT Staff Augmentation

We can help you quickly bridge the skill gaps and augment your existing team with remote specialists who will help handle any project roadblocks and see the project completed successfully.

Dedicated Teams

A dedicated team of mobile app developers and designers from Oriented Soft can handle any aspect of your project at any stage — from ideation to post-release support and improvement.

Software Development Outsourcing

Use Oriented Soft’s mobile application development services to ensure you spend minimal time and money while avoiding costly errors and delivering value to your target audience.
What are MVP development services?
It means a partnership where you delegate some aspect of MVP development or the project in its entirety to an MVP development agency. The collaboration can be further expanded to build a full-scale product and enable its ongoing support.
Why does your startup need MVP?
With MVP software development, you can test your ideas quickly and minimize the losses if anything goes awry.
What is the cost of minimum viable product development?
The short answer is — it depends. The long one includes tech stack availability, development duration, product niche, feature set required, and market saturation. The costs can vary from $40,000 to $600,000 or more (write the relevant prices)
What are the sourcing models of MVP development?
You can go with a dedicated team that will handle some aspects of the delivery, team augmentation to bridge the skill gap, or end-to-end MVP development outsourcing. 
What does MVP application design Include?
It includes building a UI that will guarantee seamless UX while using the needed features to achieve the expected results and gain value with your product. If this is done successfully, your app user will become your brand advocates and spread the word, helping build your user base.
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