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Web development services from Oriented Soft enable startups and enterprises to quickly build any app they need — from web portals to CRM and ERP platforms.
Benefit from making user-friendly, functional, secure, and highly scalable web solutions that will help your business increase your market presence and attract more users.

Our Custom Web Application Development Services

Employ experienced contractors to empower any aspect of your custom web development! Our team can develop a new product from scratch or help you improve and scale up existing digital assets. Most importantly, due to our in-depth knowledge and proactive approach, we can provide even better results than you originally expected!

Custom Website Development

If you are searching for a reliable technology partner with ample expertise in various industries, look no further! Oriented Soft provides sophisticated solutions for startups and enterprises alike, from Smart Homes, e-Commerce, and industrial automation to real estate, logistics, and insurance.

Web Platforms

Oriented Soft prides itself with a mastery of multiple technology stacks and ample expertise in designing and developing enterprise-grade software. Microservices, high scalability, API integrations — we do it all to ensure your future web app is as complex and feature-rich as you need it to be!
Create omnichannel experiences for your customers to ensure they can connect with you via any device or browser. Web app development services from Oriented Soft ensure your clients have the freedom to use your app the way they prefer.

Web App Development

UI/UX Web Design

With our custom web design and development services, you get a web system uniquely personalized to meet your business objectives. To achieve this, we combine simplicity, elegance, and functionality with time-proven design best practices that remain relevant over time.
We deliver end-to-end IoT software development. From embedded software and smart controls to data visualization and reporting that support your business operations — Oriented Soft has you covered!

Web Applications for IoT

Technology stack

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Why Choose Oriented Soft for Web Design and Development

Our web developers have rich hands-on experience empowering existing platforms to enable businesses to provide more value to their customers and increase revenue. Our apps got the Transform Award Nordic for the best visual identity and Best App Design Award.
Past achievements are the best indicators of how a potential partner can perform. We helped companies from startups and SMBs to established enterprises to build solutions uniquely suited for achieving their project goals.
Fast Delivery
Award-winning team
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Cooperation Models for Web App Development Services

IT Staff Augmentation

We can help you quickly bridge the skill gaps and augment your existing team with remote specialists who will help handle any project roadblocks and see the project completed successfully.

Dedicated Teams

A dedicated team of web app developers and designers from Oriented Soft can handle any aspect of your project at any stage — from ideation to post-release support and improvement.

Software Development Outsourcing

Use Oriented Soft’s web application development services to ensure you spend minimal time and money while avoiding costly errors and delivering value to your target audience.
What is the best language for web application development?
Every programming language is best suited for some specific role, and some languages and frameworks can be used for frontend, backend, or as a full-stack. The most widely used languages for web applications are PHP, Java, and JavaScript, but Oriented Soft will be happy to help you select the best fit for your project needs, even if it is Flutter, React, Ruby, or Python.
How long does it take to develop a web application?
It depends on project requirements, the number and complexity of features that need to be developed, API integrations with third-party modules, and development team expertise with the project domain. Your development team will be able to provide estimates based on your project requirements.
How much does it cost to develop a web application?
Many factors influence the final project costs. First of all, every technology provider charges different hourly rates for their web application development services. Secondly, web development costs depend on product architecture, features, project scope, and complexity, and more. Lastly, your costs estimates will depend on project duration, technology stack selected, and other factors.
How to choose a technology stack for web application development?
It heavily relies on knowing the pros and cons of every programming language and its use cases. Opting for outsourced custom web development services ensures your technical partner will select the best fit based on your specific project requirements. Enterprise-grade CRM and ERP systems are best built with Java, data analytics benefit most from Python, eCommerce websites run well on PHP or Magento, and JavaScript is used everywhere. Oriented Soft will be glad to select the best tech stack for your project!
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