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HYDRA is specifically designed for small and medium-sized businesses looking for an efficient cloud operating model. It was necessary to offer a solution for companies that may have grown out of existing systems, or want to start from scratch and have ambitions for international growth, or have already expanded overseas.
HYDRA emerged from a technical environment around a leading brand in the Scandinavian dietetic food industry.
Business Needs
A client came to us with the already created platform for an online store. The system functioned, however, it had many critical bugs and wasn’t stable. There was also no technical documentation, so the algorithm and principles of the platform’s operation were absolutely unclear. Therefore, the main tasks were the stabilization of the system and the creation of a team that can maintain and improve its functionality.
The core goal was to provide a cloud-based e-commerce solution for every size and type of business that takes care of all standardized processes from customer purchases to managing the flow of goods, warehousing, purchasing, and billing in all business dimensions for both B2C and B2B.
Our solutions
The greatest challenge was that the system could not be stopped. The online store continued to function, and global changes needed to be made in real-time. There was no room for error. Due to the great expertise, the Hydra team perfectly met this challenge and managed to optimize the platform.
After transferring all the knowledge of the system’s work from previous dev teams, the Hydra team’s specialists created technical documentation that made it possible to begin competent work on the improvement and development of the platform.
Having a full understanding of core goals and expectationsё we provided the following solutions:
To build the team for e-commerce platform development and support.
To figure out how the current system is working.
To stabilize the work of the platform and make it simple and flexible.
Key features
Multiples storefronts (b2c, b2b, oriented on different countries) with one admin panel
Control of inventory location and shelf number, as well as batch control and FIFO setup
Build-in webstore template customization modules: purchasing, logistic and warehousing, products, CRM.
Payment solution integrated with the best payment providers on the market. Complete overview in a single user interface.
Content module with blog platform for content sharing and advertising mailing.
POS solutions
Real-time reporting
Adaptation for mobile use
Business Impact
Local online stores as users
EU countries expansion
Full-fledged cloud ERP
Technology stack
Lead developers and Team leads
Senior Software Developers
UI/UX Designer
Software Delivery managers
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