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Oriented Soft is known for supplying high-quality software engineering, top talent services and using cutting-edge technologies. Our proven management approach provides maximum value for every project.
The software developers, whom we outsource, deliver web and mobile applications via a cost-efficient turnkey process. From product idea to live version - we’ve got you covered.
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Areas of Expertise

Software-driven IoT approach to enable a simple connection between hardware and your network.
Substitute costly hardware upgrades with seamless software updates without replacing equipment. Build digital copies of your devices to ease network configuration.
Internet of Things (IoT)
Use machine-learning based Big Data analytics to make decisions using the data your IoT networks provide.
Discover hidden patterns to pinpoint potential revenue growth or cost reduction by turning your logs and reports into actionable business insights using Big Data analytics.
Leverage various types of AI/ML models: Optical Character/Image/Face Recognition, natural language processing, voice-to-text transition, to create intelligent chatbots, engines, and decision-support systems.
Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
Prevent costly breaks and other risks with predictive analytics solutions for asset management in various industries.
Integrate various sensors to make your devices smarter.
Refactor the existing solutions to use the latest embedded technologies.
Embedded Systems
Leverage operating systems for the software components to communicate with hardware.
Communicate with your audience wherever they are using a purpose-built mobile app.
Provide beautiful website design to stand out from the competition.
Use cloud deployment to ensure business agility.
Maximize the efficiency of your office operations using software robots to automate high-volume, tedious, and error-prone tasks.
Leverage AI algorithms to scale RPA impact across your whole software ecosystem.
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Analyze all business workflows to identify additional opportunities to drive value with RPA automation.
Create cryptocurrency exchanges, bots, terminals, crypto-trading platforms, etc.
Decrease operational overhead with smart contracts and exclude middlemen.
Cryptocurrency and Blockchain
Build secure, transparent, and immutable systems for customers in various industries.
How We Work
We gather the list of requirements and analyze business goals to define how to develop the best software solution. We get to know each other, agree on the format of cooperation, milestones and sign the ToC.
Business Analysis
Prototypes and MVPs
We stay on top of technologies, tools, and methodologies to ensure software will fit your requirement and business goals. At times an improvement to the original idea can reveal itself during the development and we keep our clients options open for such cases.
Custom Development
We provide comprehensive quality assurance (QA) testing to deliver polished results during many steps of the project.
After the release, you can also get tailored maintenance services. We provide personalized support based on different engagement models.
At this stage, we keep a close communication with the client during the creation of MVP. Transparency and peace of mind is important during this time of putting idea into a product.
More Ways to Hire
You receive all the tools and communication channels to manage your dedicated team just like it would an in-house one. We typically provide a PM, Team Lead and developers, UI/UX designer, QA engineers, and any other roles required to deliver the expected results. The team works in close cooperation with your Product Owner to keep you informed of the project progress, while we handle the back-office tasks and delivery management.
Dedicated Teams
Overcome time constraints and quickly find the talent needed to close the specific skill gaps in your team. Augment your software delivery with external expertise to achieve your business goals on time. Easily monitor the project progress and control the product quality. We deliver the talent and tools you need to turn your bright ideas into successful products.

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