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Den4Dogs was founded in Norway with the goal of providing safe zones for dogs and people outside of stores. Dogs like to spend time with their owners, but there are places where dogs need to wait outside unless they are service dogs.
Den4Dogs provides an original solution that lets people maximize safe time with their dogs while running errands and shopping.
Business Needs

The founder of the startup wanted to create an innovative ecosystem in order to make the human and dog community safer and happier. The owner can safely place his dog in the smart dog den while he or she walks into the store to shop, have a coffee or a snack. Dog dens are carefully checked and designed in consultation with experts and veterinarians, and most dogs quickly feel comfortable there.


When tasked with building an IoT application for smart pet houses it was decided to develop a mobile application for both iOS and Android which can connect to Doghouse (Den) via Bluetooth Low Energy connection protocol. The Oriented Soft team implemented this approach to ensure the best customer experience for dog-owners.
High-skilled developers worked from idea generation to product delivery, including developing integration with third-party climatic and payment systems. Our team provided an opportunity to connect to the Den from the app, as well as open/close the door and check the temperature inside. Payments for usage time are proceeded through the Stripe payment system.
Key Features
Custom made board with Wi-Fi and BLE communication
Ability to locate an available Den
Integration with keycards to unlock Dens in emergencies, such as a phone out of battery
Ability to open and close the door with the app
Automated climatic and hygienic system connectivity and management including a temperature-regulated fan, floor heating, and UVC-lights.
Business impact
Sales grew by 35% annually
100 active users plus every month with new app
Entering 4 EU country markets within 2 years
Client’s reviews
They have a team of very skilled software engineers, who effectively deliver what we need on a very competitive price level. They have been pro-active in suggesting improvements and solutions to our App, that we had not thought of. We definitely recommended them to anyone looking to outsource their development efforts!
Frode Rogstad
CEO of Den4Dogs
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